Goodbye winter, hello spring. May the springtime of your lifetime be in full bloom.

  Steve Savage lives in Nashville where he splits his time producing records for other artist, Touring and recording his own albums. His style would be best described as "acoustic groove". His five years of living in Hawaii as a young teen had a lasting influence on his unique style of guitar playing. As a young kid his first influences were Nat King Cole and many bands from the "big band" era. As he started taking serious interest in the guitar it was artists like Eric Clapton and Paul Simon that help define his style. His undying love for funk, R&B and Soul rounds off some his most indigenous musical tastes. 

  Steve has also lived in Europe for many years. He speaks both German and Dutch quite fluently. His love of Europe and it's culture is what brings him back every year with tours ranging from 20 to 60 shows per run. He's not the guy who's going for the commercial success of music. It's the healing and connective power of music that Savage is most interested in. That's far more valuable to him to than radio success. Not to say he hasn't had any. As lead singer of beggars fortune his songs were played on many European radio stations and in the US. 

  As of late, the thing Steve has been most interested in when it comes to touring is house concerts. This were the shows can really get close and intimate. " The healing power of music is addictive!" he says, as he talks about his love for the small living room setting. 

 Paul Buono has been recording and producing records for 25 years. He's a Berkeley trained guitarist and singer that grew up in Boston. It's not only in the studio where his skills are utilized as Paul will be on tour this year with Steve providing his touch to the sound. The two have just completed a new release of live takes and from various studios in Holland and in the US. It releases this summer and will be available exclusively on the the up coming European Tour.