Summer Vibes

This summer kicked off in a great way. I had just returned from the spring tour in Europe where we completely sold out of all of the promo copies of "Goodbye Winter" we had brought with us. Great shows and seeing the direct impact on the people that music was having gave a great sense of accomplishment. 

  A few weeks after returning I had the privilege of being part of the leadership team for Frothy Monkey at one of America's greatest music festivals Bonnaroo. It was such a blast and a long week of extremely hard work with awesome people. Lots of coffee, music and festival vibes! 

  Directly after Lukas Batteau showed up on my doorstep with a sign that read "will make incredible album for room and board." Ok.. not really, but he did show up from Holland and with a fire to make his best music yet. I had the privilege of producing his last album " Wasteland " (hyperlink to wasteland album) and just couldn't wait to get started on this one. It had been almost 2 years and alot of waiting for the go ahead. Finally Lukas was hit with undeniable feeling that it was time. Boy has it been a wonderful ride. It's always great to work with an artist that has a good grip on what they want to convey. We are now in the final stages of mixing and will be done before we know it! Looking forward to deliver this baby into the world.  

  As the summer comes to an end i'm very grateful for all that happened this season. I'm looking forward to the fall and working on of my own music plus another artist that I will announce shortly! Thank you to everyone who supports my involvement in music. Thank you for all of your love and support. 

 - savage


 I've got about a week left in Europe and I'm feeling quite good about it. These past three weeks have been such an inspiration to me. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the luckiest people on earth. Today I'm sitting in Düsseldorf and taking the day for myself. It's been wonderful to actually have some time alone. Not that I haven't loved seeing everyone and reconnecting with my friends and fans, but sometimes I like not saying a word for a whole day. It's a really healthy thing to do from time to time. Technically I'm not breaking the rules right now because I'm typing not speaking ;-). 

 I have about three shows left. This past weekend's shows were such a blessing. Thursday night I had the priveldge of visiting a small college in Unterweisaach. We had a great time with a small house concert. Great people and some good dancing! Friday night I was in my favorite venue in south Germany - Die Luke. It was a sold out show and I just can't put into words how it felt to be there again.  Andreas and his team have provided a refuge for artists and concert goers alike. It's one of the best venues I've played. Period. Saturday wrapped up an amazing week with a special studio performance in Düsseldorf. It was also recorded along with another studio show that was recorded earlier in the tour in Utrecht, Netherlands. The night was a huge success and might have even started a monthly show at the studio :) I was proud to be a part of the night. Ohne worte. 

Swiss Life

I've had a few days off in Switzerland. Every time i'm back here i remember why i keep coming back over and over again. If you have never made it a priority to visit this breathe taking land, you genuinely must do so. I visited the Appenzeller cheese factory yesterday. I mean... If you know anything about the Swiss and real quality cheese then I don't really need to say anything else... and I won't. I then made my way up to the Appenzeller beer brewery. In my opinion, some of the worlds finest beer is brewed there. It was closed :'( But never fear because the Appenzeller beer store was open down the road and I bought a case of the finest dark beer I have ever had - Schwartzer Kristall. (Black Crystal) 

Aside from my sightseeing and countryside strolls I also had some time to reflect over last weekend's shows. There is so much more than just music happening. Music is for sure the vessel that is carrying and creating these opportunities for connection but the buck doesn't stop there. Every show so far there has been an encounter (or more than one sometimes) that passes beyond the mere chatter of " how long you here for? " and "When did you first start playing guitar?" I've been spending a lot of time lately asking myself and God what the deeper purpose of what I'm doing is. There has to be more than just being great at what I do. I'm realizing that that is only a tool. Being excellent in your craft is not just for excellent's sake but for the sake of an open door. If my end goal is only to attain notoriety and or success with my craft then I've missed the point completely. It's an open door to healing. It's an open door to redemption. It's an open door to a multitude of things that we haven't even yet had the foresight to understand. 

  This past weekend showed me a lot about myself as a performer, songwriter and man. As I continue on through the rest of this tour i'm forever grateful for my beautiful time in Switzerland. It's always been a place of refuge for me. Somewhere I can go and share music together with people but also take much needed time spent with long time friends that I call family. 

And off we've gone

So after the first week of being in Europe I have a few days to rest. It's been a great start and I've been amazed at how everything has been flowing so well. I was sitting on the plane on the way over and felt such a peace. It's really the right time for me to be here again. After such a tough year and a lot of hard work in Nashville, I'm experiencing the fruits and reward of that labor. Many nights so far I have laid my head to rest unable to remove the smile from my face. I might have even awoken to see an indentation of bliss in my pillow. Not to say that I haven't experienced a few rough days. The last two in particular have been a bit annoying because I'm dealing with a cold at the moment. But I'm taking  plenty of rest and making sure I have much more vitamin C than anyone would ever need on their body. Tomorrow my visit in the Netherlands ends and I'm on my way to Switzerland with a quick stop in Germany to play for a dear friend's birthday party. Thank you all for your love and support and for the great attendance and fun we've had so far at the shows. Can't wait to see you in the coming weeks! 

I love you all dearly and am thankful everyday that I've been made to be me. 


Wish you could smell it too 😀

Wish you could smell it too 😀